Suffering slow or overloaded internet?

Published by Ian Ward August 1, 2016


Signs your Internet Connection is struggling……

  • Do you regularly exceed your data allowance and are charged excess data fees by your ISP
  • Do you experience long delays when receiving or sending important emails
  • Are there times when your internet slows to a crawl and is unusable
  • Potential money savers like Skype and VOIP are a complete waste of time

Your connection may be…..

  • Clogged with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google or Bit Torrent File transfers
  • Burdened with Netflix, Foxtel on Demand and YouTube video
  • Being abused with Facebook, social media and Music streaming services

A Bandwidth audit is what you need!

A Bandwidth audit will:

  • Identify the sources, destinations and nature of all network traffic.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of individual workstation, server and user internet usage.
  • Produce a report identifying actions and recommendations you can implement immediately.

What is included in your Bandwidth Audit from CyberPro ?

  • A discussion on bandwidth issues prevalent today from noncritical web activity such as personal internet surfing and media streaming.
  • A description of the audit process starting from the analysis of your log files to conclusions drawn by the CyberPro Technical Team.
  • A written report providing an insight into your network traffic and bandwidth usage.
  • An overview of network bandwidth utilisation by categories and websites
  • Results of our analysis, conclusions and recommendations to mitigate bandwidth problems in your network are provided.

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