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Calcono engaged CyberPro to upgrade Calcono’s Office & Mobile Systems and automating field workers. Calcono has had a successful transition to a wellorganised, efficient I.T. system with time-saving results. Staff productivity and engagement is at an all-time high.

Calcono is one of Sydney’s leading formwork companies across residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Calcono supply the highest of quality formwork solutions and service including conventional formwork, table form, jumpforms, safety screens, metal decking and more. A family owned business they have had huge success and in 2019 celebrated Calcono’s 30th anniversary.

“We are a family owned business and trying to manage our IT systems internally without a dedicated IT Manager has been challenging. We knew we needed help to update our I.T. systems and enlisted the help of Ian and the CyberPro team. We’ve had a great transition to a modern system that allows our business to communicate more effectively to deliver an even better, more efficient result for our clients”.

The Problem

When we were engaged to assist Calcono, communication between head office and field workers had ceased to be productive. The team were relying on disparate and non-integrated technology, causing mounting frustration. Field workers were unable to access or share information whilst operating on construction sites.

The flow-on effect meant missed deadlines and communication faults were becoming a part of their daily working life and not allowing Calcono to scale.

The Solution

We started with a hands-on review and in depth interviews with head office staff and site project managers in order to understand where the breakdowns were ocurring. Once the issues were revealed in more depth, we produced an upgrade plan to improve Calcono’s I.T. to a more streamlined, well-organised system.

Microsoft Business 365 was implemented, and old, slow running servers were retired. All mobile devices, which include telephones, tablets and laptops were brought under a tightly controlled management system. Consistency across all devices in the organisation allow employees to be issued with new or replacement equipment within hours of a problem.

By running informal training sessions using their own real world problems as examples, mobile workers were able to understand and embrace new technologies and work practices.

“Until we outsourced to CyberPro we didn’t realise how much more effective our I.T. system could be! We are no longer battling with Foreman’s technical issues and our Foreman’s can focus on getting the job done. We’re extremely impressed with the level of support and training offered from CyberPro – we now have a world class I.T. department that talks the same language as our users and solve their issues.”

– Calcono

The Result

Mobile foreman’s are now in constant communication with head office, being able to successfully report back in real time with a projects’ progress including relevant photographs.

The support and management of the fleet of Apple devices means they can be commissioned or interchanged quickly and effectively.

There have been no system failures and no after hour issues or challenges. It has been such a successful transition that Calcono’s I.T. infrastructure is now on a monthly managed service I.T. agreement. The agreement is flexible to scale with the business while still tending to all Calcono’s current daily I.T support needs.


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