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Zest Personalised Care

Zest Care is a growing, registered disability service provider in the healthcare industry, providing personalised care and tailored solutions to individuals and families.

Zest is an approved NDIS provider and in the last 18 months have had significant growth within their team, expanding from Sydney and now supporting the community in Melbourne and Brisbane too.

By engaging CyberPro as an outsourced I.T. partner and implementing CyberPro’s I.T. Best Practice Plan, Zest Care has seen significant improvement in their business structure and processes which has allowed staff numbers to grow by a staggering 300%.

The Problem

When CyberPro was engaged to assist Zest Care, there were multiple concerns with Zest Care’s IT structure causing the business I.T. stress and strain. Problems continued to grow exponentially as turnover and staff numbers increased.

In short, the current IT set up was blocking the business from aggressive growth.

The Solution

CyberPro performed a review of the requirements for Zest Care to improve their systems and allow the business to grow. CyberPro implemented their Best Practice I.T. Plan for Zest which was tailored to meet the objectives and needs of the business.

A complete audit identified those systems that needed replacement and those that just needed simple “TLC”. It turned out many workstations required a simple reload in order to get them secured and back on track.

Resources (money, time, effort), were prioritised and spent only where it was required.

“Our exhausted, tired I.T. systems and procedure have been updated according to CyberPro’s Best Practice I.T. plan has allowed us to expand because of the easy onboarding of new employees. We are now able to support and service the greater community because we have the staff and systems in place to do so.”

– Zest Personalised Care

“A critical component in the growth of our business is the ability to onboard and train new healthcare staff. The CyberPro secure I.T. practises and procedures have been instrumental in allowing Zest Care’s business to grow and keep growing”.

– Zest Personalised Care

The Result

By implementing CyberPro’s Best Practice Plan, Zest Care has managed to successfully meet the demands of the community by increasing their frontline employees by 300%.

By giving the medium age equipment a new lease of life, cash resources were able to be directed to other priorities.

Zest have expanded their workforce interstate from the greater Sydney area to include Brisbane and Melbourne.

By having the robust procedures and structure in place, new employees can become productive immediately.

Ultimately the new IT structure has seen a significant shift in employee satisfaction and allowed Zest to grow their business productively and effectively.

Lower staff turnover and client numbers increased by 300% during the most challenging of times.

Zest Personalised Care are revelling in the new distributed work from home environment and significantly increased customer satisfaction.


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