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People are not the only ones that may have their Identity stolen….

The damage from a compromised GMAIL or Office365 Administration account can go far beyond the individual staff member and affect the Business’s Suppliers as well as Clients.

There are reported cases where criminals, after compromising an email account, will monitor and learn how a business interacts with clients and suppliers before making their move. Then, when an opportunity presents, they masquerade as a director,  business partner or supplier and make phoney requests such as the redirection of payments into bogus overseas accounts.  Another example was a Financial Controller who was very nearly duped into paying a deposit into a “special” account by someone who they thought was working with their major Supplier.

One way to secure your accounts and identity is to introduce “Two Factor Authentication” across all Services.

Two-factor authentication is an essential solution designed to offer EVERY business maximum protection. This simple but effective technique will alert you if an administrator or employee’s account is being tampered with.

How does this work

It’s simple.

Imagine you’ve transferred funds via your online banking, and receive an SMS containing a PIN to authenticate your identity – this works in the same way.

This may be activated whenever you access your emails from a new device for the first time, or attempt major changes to your account.

Two-factor authentication is perfect for Gmail and other emailing platforms, including the ever-popular Microsoft Cloud hosted Office365.

How can we Help?

Many Office365 and GMAIL users are unaware that certain settings within the Administration account that will reinforce your security – are not activated by default! Perhaps the reason is for fear of confusing users, but it is an essential weapon in today’s risky world.

The good news? CyberPro helps businesses of all sizes manage GMAIL and Office365 accounts as well as the myriad of other Cloud Services like Xero, MYOB and Leap Accounting just to name a few.

Making sure that every aspect of your communications are protected can be daunting and time-consuming, but we know it should be done.

Our team will audit your Microsoft Office365 settings to maximise your online security and ensure only the right people have access at all times.

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