Signs your Internet Connection is struggling……

Do you regularly exceed your data allowance and are charged excess data fees by your ISP? Do you experience long delays when receiving or sending important emails? Are there times when your internet slows to a crawl and is unusable? Potential money savers like Skype and VOIP are a complete waste of time?

Your connection may be…..

  • Clogged with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google or Bit Torrent File transfers
  • Burdened with Netflix, Foxtel on Demand and YouTube video
  • Being abused with Facebook, social media and Music streaming services

A Bandwidth audit is what you need!

A Bandwidth audit will:

  • Identify the sources, destinations and nature of all network traffic.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of individual workstation, server and user internet usage.
  • Produce a report identifying actions and recommendations you can implement immediately.

What is included in your Bandwidth Audit from CyberPro ?

  • A discussion on bandwidth issues prevalent today from noncritical web activity such as personal internet surfing and media streaming.
  • A description of the audit process starting from the analysis of your log files to conclusions drawn by the CyberPro Technical Team.
  • A written report providing an insight into your network traffic and bandwidth usage.
  • An overview of network bandwidth utilisation by categories and websites
  • Results of our analysis, conclusions and recommendations to mitigate bandwidth problems in your network are provided.

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