Benefits of switching to VoIP

Throughout the years, you have modernised technology in your business, but what about your telephone system? Relying on antiquated telephone technology is not only expensive, but also inefficient.

Traditional telcos in Australia love to lock clients into expensive, cumbersome, and rigid contracts. But did you know that you don’t have to sign a traditional contract anymore? So, before your telephone contracts are due for renewal, talk to your IT partner about upgrading your phone systems to, the benefits of, and cost savings that come with using VoIP.

1.  Flexibility

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) converts analogue signals to digital, allowing you to use your internet connection to carry your phone calls rather than traditional telephone lines. If you’re connected to the Internet, you can make and receive calls.

In addition to traditional desk phones, VoIP also works with ‘softphones’. A softphone is an app on your mobile device, or software on your PC or laptop that enables you to make and receive VoIP phone calls, similar to Skype.

Softphones allow for unprecedented mobility in terms of being able to work in any location. In today’s flexible work environment where many people work from home, hot desk, or on site, it is vitally important that people can pick up and work seamlessly from any location.

2.  Scalability

One of the many VoIP benefits that make it appealing is scalability. In practical terms, this means that your phone system can grow with your business without the need to buy additional hardware or dedicated lines.

For example, if your business experiences seasonal demand, you can quickly add more lines to accommodate the increased demand, then return to normal service when you no longer need them.

Whatever your situation, you can rapidly scale your preferences up or down without investing more than you need.

3.  CRM integration

Your VoIP system can be integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to record calls or messages. Client information is centralised and removes the need to manually enter each client interaction or re-enter contact information.

Integrating your VoIP and CRM systems is one of the simplest methods to organise your client and prospect data while creating a seamless experience for your clients. When a client calls, their name will automatically display in your phone system, allowing you to focus on the conversation rather than searching for their details during the call.

4.  Cost

With a traditional phone system, the initial setup for a landline is expensive because it’s labour-intensive. It typically involves PABX installation, programming and handset delivery and setup.

A VoIP system uses your existing internet service, eliminating the need to invest in expensive new infrastructure.

Expensive landline rental can be eliminated and replaced with much cheaper SIP trunking services. Savings increase exponentially the more phonelines you transition, and call rates are generally cheaper to both landlines and mobiles on VoIP plans.

CyberPro is experienced in VoIP systems such as 3CX, and we would welcome a partnership with you to seamlessly upgrade your business to a VoIP system. Talk to our experts to learn about the features and functionalities of VoIP, and the benefits it could bring to your business.

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