Just how vulnerable is your office network?

When it comes to securing your Business, The best Defense is a good Offence.
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Penetration Testing uncovers vulnerable devices and services on your network

Our engineers will simulate an attack on your network by performing the following tasks..

External and Internal Network Scan

Our consultants use Network and Port scanners to identify and create a comprehensive list of your organisations external and internal digital assets.

Vulnerability Discovery and Validation

Using the list of potential targets and any learned credentials, our consultants will target each device individually and attempt to validate the existence and exploitability of the target.

Lateral Movement and Compromise

Using harvested credentials, we will attempt to move laterally around your network, identifying systems and resources that could be leveraged for theft or extortion.

During the 2021-22 financial year the Australian Cyber Security Centre observed
over 76,000 cybercrime reports
more than $98 Million in self-reported losses
average 69 Calls per day

What happens during the Penetration Test

  1. Vulnerability and Penetration Testing – Duration 2 Days


    External Penetration Testing

    From outside your organisation, CyberPro will assume the role of an external Hacker.  All Internet facing resources such as websites, firewalls and remote gateways are interrogated in order to gather information and probe for weaknesses.

    Internal Penetration Testing

    CyberPro will provide a device to be installed within your corporate network.  This device will assume the role of a compromised system and will perform the vulnerability scanning of the network and devices.  Results are uploaded to CyberPro via an encrypted link and then wiped from the device.

  2. Documentation and Reporting – 2 Days


    Executive Summary Report – An executive summary report will be included in the final deliverable package. This report contains a high-level summary of the security vulnerabilities identified as well as a remediation roadmap.

    Technical Report – The technical report will consist of the specific details identified during testing. Throughout testing, collected log information as well as captures screenshots to demonstrate proof of validation of identified vulnerabilities. The technical report also includes recommendations with regard to how to remediate the identified security vulnerabilities.

    Evidence – Zip file containing the detailed logs, screenshots and references to online resources explaining the vulnerabilities and suggested remedial actions

  3. The Cost is typically between $2,500 – $5,000 excluding GST


    Costs will vary slightly depending on the complexity of your networks, number of offices, number of websites and other external resources.  Please register your interest in the contact form below and a consultant will contact you as soon as possible.  If this is an urgent matter, please, call our office immediately.

Leading the way ....

How CyberPro helped Total Seal Group Australia

“The introduction of cyber security best practices as part of CyberPro Managed Services has meant our Australian subsidiary was the first in the world to achieve Cyber Security accreditation by an independent auditor appointed by our UK headquarters.”

Gail White
Financial Controller — Total Seal Group Australia

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