Phishing awareness for your business

Although a business may invest in cyber security tools and services such as deploying security protocols and anti-malware solutions, you may lack the time and resources to keep up with routine maintenance and monitoring all potential issues. Because both small and large businesses can become targets for cyber-criminals, it is critical to understand that cyber security is an ongoing process that should be integrated into your business operations.

Understanding phishing

In Australia, phishing is the greatest threat to individuals and businesses because it is so simple to pull off. As technology evolves, cyber-criminals adapt their phishing attacks to make malicious messages more difficult for spam filters and people to detect.

Phishing attacks exploit social engineering, so the best way to protect your business is by making sure your employees are aware these attacks exist, understand how they work, and how to respond to them appropriately.

Traditional phishing emails are sent to hundreds or even thousands of people at once, designed to trick individuals into clicking on a URL that will send them to a page where they will be asked for personal information.

Spear phishing emails are personalised and targeted. The attacker impersonates a reliable source, such as a bank, to trick them into providing sensitive information by entering their username and password into a fake website.

Combatting phishing in your business

To combat phishing vulnerabilities in your business, employees need to learn to scrutinise any emails and notifications they receive so they know how to differentiate between a fake email and a genuine one. You should also implement a phishing policy outlining the obligations and steps employees are to take in the event of a phishing attack and even make this part of your onboarding training for employees.

Random phishing tests can also highlight weaknesses in your business and raise awareness among employees. These tests create fake phishing emails and/or webpages that are then sent to employees. These simulated attacks will help your staff understand the different kinds of phishing attacks, identifying characteristics, and to avoid clicking malicious links or leaking sensitive data in fraudulent online forms.

Because phishing testing is performed in a controlled environment, you can define a baseline metric – how much of the business was effectively “phished” – then work with employees or provide training, to improve it over time.

Essential 8 cyber security compliance

Our Managed IT Services are delivered under the umbrella of The Essential 8 cyber security recommendations which were developed by the Australian Government to help protect businesses from cyber-attacks.  Implementing the Essential 8 as a minimum makes it much harder for cybercriminals to compromise your systems.

We can help your business implement the Essential 8 and evaluate and train your employees to raise awareness of cybercrime, including phishing, so they know how to protect themselves, and your business.

Contact us for a free cyber Security IT Assessment. This obligation-free assessment will give you valuable insight into any security weaknesses in your IT systems which will enable you to determine how to strengthen your cyber-security.

Meet our Team

Black and white photo of Ian Ward

Ian Ward

CyberPro Founder & CEO

With 40+ years of experience in IT, there isn’t much Ian can’t advise you on. Since the advent of the internet, he’s been keeping businesses like yours ahead of the technology curve and cybercriminals. His #1 passion is and has always been providing outstanding customer service.

Trevor O’Shea

Senior Network Engineer | 8 Years

Adding another 40+ years’ IT experience to our team, Trevor has designed and worked in large Enterprise networks. He’s our Server and Infrastructure guy, helping us build robust cyber secure servers and networks. He’s responsible for designing and maintaining servers, networks, firewalls, and security devices.  Trevor has been with CyberPro 8 Years

Karena Powis

Accounts & Administration | 11 Years

Karena has an accounting degree and 10 years experience working with CyberPro. The team relies on her for the smooth running of all aspects of administration and accounts. Karena is a whizz in internal accounting systems and the person you’ll chat to about your account.  Karena has been with CyberPro 11 Years.

Matt Jones

Senior Engineer | 6 Years

Matt brings 15+ years of IT experience in Internet service providers, web hosting, and data warehousing. He’s our go-to for web security and Microsoft Office 365 advanced management. Beyond his expertise in web and email cyber security, he also assists clients with cyber security accreditation.  Matt has been with CyberPro 6 Years

Jenny Sinkinson

Co-ordinator & Administration | 6 Years

After 3 years with CyberPro, there’s not much Jenny doesn’t do. Her responsibilities cover coordinating the help desk, client liaison, logistics, ordering, license renewals, quotations, contract administration. Jenny is our ISO9001 quality champion, and been with CyberPro for 6 Years

Michael Visser

Senior Engineer | 6 Years

With over 30 years of experience in IT, including huge rollouts of technology in the armed forces and large Enterprises, Michael’s our automation and templated system builds whizz. He supports the remote management systems that let us upgrade hundreds of systems at the press of a button.  Michael has been with CyberPro for 6 Years.

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