The importance of cyber security to your business success

Businesses are increasingly relying on computers to operate efficiently, so the protection of business and customer personal data on websites, networks, and devices is vitally important in today’s world.

We’ve often heard about large company data breaches where personal information has been exposed, but the reality is cybercrime is on the rise and any business, small or large, may be targeted. In addition to minimising your risk, it is also important to understand your obligations and the impact a breach will have on your business.

Mandatory reporting

Most organisations do not realise they have legal obligations under new legislation introduced by the government. Mandatory reporting ensures individuals whose personal information may have been accessed or disclosed are notified. A breach of critical infrastructure is also mandatory and helps the government manage national security risks.

Under the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) 2017 Act, it is mandatory for you to report a breach where personal information has been compromised. If your business is not exempt under the Act, failure to report a breach exposes you to penalties up to $1.8 million. For most small operators this would be a business killer and some would probably lose their house.

Financial loss

Financial loss is the most immediate and biggest consequence businesses face due to a data breach. Investors of a publicly traded company may react negatively, and a company could experience a drop in its share price. In addition to any money or corporate information that could have been stolen during a breach, your business as a whole will be disrupted.

Systems may be completely or partially down, and employees won’t be able to work efficiently. Trading may be halted due to online transactions being unavailable, or consumers aware of the breach might choose to trade elsewhere. In dealing with a breach, you will also incur costs associated with repairing systems, networks and devices that have been impacted, as well as on going costs to overhaul any systems to increase security.

Reputational damage

Consumer trust is an essential asset in any business, so it’s important to protect the integrity of your brand by ensuring it isn’t tarnished. People share their personal information with you because they trust and believe your business will take the steps necessary to protect their data.

A cyber-attack, particularly one where personal information has been stolen, can very quickly damage your brand’s integrity and erode any trust customers have. Consumers are aware of the value of their data, so if a company is perceived to have not taken the security of their data seriously, then they will find a competitor that does. Unhappy former customers who share their experiences will also risk the loss of potential new customers.

Reputational damage can also affect your suppliers, impact relationships with partners, investors or other parties vested in your business.

Strengthening your cyber security

The best way to avoid the effect of a cyber-attack on your business is to stay a step ahead and ensure your systems are as secure as possible. To understand more about putting a security strategy in place to reduce threats and protect your brand’s reputation, please contact us.

Meet our Team

Black and white photo of Ian Ward

Ian Ward

CyberPro Founder & CEO

With 40+ years of experience in IT, there isn’t much Ian can’t advise you on. Since the advent of the internet, he’s been keeping businesses like yours ahead of the technology curve and cybercriminals. His #1 passion is and has always been providing outstanding customer service.

Trevor O’Shea

Senior Network Engineer | 8 Years

Adding another 40+ years’ IT experience to our team, Trevor has designed and worked in large Enterprise networks. He’s our Server and Infrastructure guy, helping us build robust cyber secure servers and networks. He’s responsible for designing and maintaining servers, networks, firewalls, and security devices.  Trevor has been with CyberPro 8 Years

Karena Powis

Accounts & Administration | 11 Years

Karena has an accounting degree and 10 years experience working with CyberPro. The team relies on her for the smooth running of all aspects of administration and accounts. Karena is a whizz in internal accounting systems and the person you’ll chat to about your account.  Karena has been with CyberPro 11 Years.

Matt Jones

Senior Engineer | 6 Years

Matt brings 15+ years of IT experience in Internet service providers, web hosting, and data warehousing. He’s our go-to for web security and Microsoft Office 365 advanced management. Beyond his expertise in web and email cyber security, he also assists clients with cyber security accreditation.  Matt has been with CyberPro 6 Years

Jenny Sinkinson

Co-ordinator & Administration | 6 Years

After 3 years with CyberPro, there’s not much Jenny doesn’t do. Her responsibilities cover coordinating the help desk, client liaison, logistics, ordering, license renewals, quotations, contract administration. Jenny is our ISO9001 quality champion, and been with CyberPro for 6 Years

Michael Visser

Senior Engineer | 6 Years

With over 30 years of experience in IT, including huge rollouts of technology in the armed forces and large Enterprises, Michael’s our automation and templated system builds whizz. He supports the remote management systems that let us upgrade hundreds of systems at the press of a button.  Michael has been with CyberPro for 6 Years.

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