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Considering a move to Microsoft Office365?

Your Office 365 Migration Team in Sydney, NSW
We make moving to Office 365 as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Why Move Over To Office 365?

A successful migration to Office365 will:

Simplify your Network

No more messing around with firewalls and VPN’s. Reduce your reliance on a single Office Internet connection

Increase security

with better controls and audit trails on sensitive documents.

Integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Controls

Lower I.T. costs

with predictable monthly costs.

Instant backup and restore.

Easily expand

mailbox capacity with the click of a mouse button

New Users and Shared Folders setup in minutes

Why Choose An Office 365 Migration Support Partner Like CyberPro?

No Hassle

We manage all the Domain and DNS transfers

No Downtime

Parallel migration avoids any lost email or major outages

No Risk

To your current website and other vital services

Guaranteed Result

All data is duplicated and tested before the final “switch”

Attempting Office365 migration yourself?

These are the common pitfalls that do-it-yourself users often miss:

Here is an excerpt from the CyberPro Office365 Migration pre-flight checklist…

  • Do you have administrative access to your domain servers and registrar?
  • Do you have multiple domains registered with different suppliers?
  • Will some or all users have two or more email addresses?
  • What is the upload speed of your current internet connection?
  • Is there a pre-filtering service currently active on your domain?
  • Don’t forget to update the domain SPF records to include Office365

Our Office365 implementation team is adept at ensuring a smooth problem-free migration.

If you are stuck half way through your own DIY migration, our team can pick up and complete the migration for you.

How We Help You with A Quick, Hassle Free Migration Process

System Discovery and Pre-flight Checks

Contact us today and we will have one of our experienced migration experts run you through the process and provide a 100% guaranteed price with no obligation to proceed.

Data Synchronisation

After due diligence processes are completed, the synchronisation phase will begin. Depending on your current Internet connection and the strategy we decide to employ, your data will be migrated to the cloud without disrupting your business.

The Switch

Our team will work with your users to ensure they remain productive during the switch. Ongoing support is available to all users

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CyberPro, Sydney NSW

CyberPro is the premier, Sydney based provider of Help Desk and IT services. We have been helping clients for over 20 years by providing a diverse range of IT services and solutions to Sydney businesses.

By effectively supporting systems and end users, we help businesses to be more efficient and profitable. Our experienced engineers provide immediate one-click remote support to staff to help assist you with an effortless Office 365 migration.

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